Monday, 30 November 2020

Monday Musings

Day 257...

It was a pretty usual start to our Monday with a trip to our local supermarket of choice to collect our weekly grocery shop. While there we were also able to collect a very generous donation for pre-school; we have been donated a large cuddly toy and lots of festive treats that will hopefully help with our fundraising efforts over the next couple of weeks.

On the way home we popped into another supermarket to pick up some extra bits and pieces as well as do a little shopping for pre-school so that we can have a week of baking activities with the children.

Once we got home it was time to sort out all the shopping, figure out what was for us and what was for pre-school and then get it all packed away. Next job was to nip out to our local post office as I had yet another Ebay sale to post on its way, thankfully I only have a few items left to sell...for now!

After lunch we decided to go out on a walk as we had missed our usual weekend walks due to all the Christmas decorating. Despite the grey and very damp weather we managed just over 4 miles in an hour and twenty minutes which I think was further than either of us were expecting to do today.

Home and in the dry and warm and a couple of coffee's downed I was able to get the last couple of Ebay sale items listed while Simon finished his latest art piece and was able to make a little more progress on the legs of his R2D2 build.

So we have one more day to go in the current lockdown and then we will be in Tier 3, which is not that far off a full lockdown to be honest except that I'll be able to visit the hairdresser but won't be able to go out for a meal. Yet again we go from one system to another and yet again we are all going to be constantly asking ourselves 'so what can I do now?'.

And all the while I am seeing more and more about the inaccuracy of the PCR tests that are currently being used to determine whether someone is positive or not and it is quite worrying to read the high false positive rates that these deliver and how they were never designed to be used on a mass scale like they are being. Never mind the problems with the laboratories that have been set up to deal with these large numbers of tests. And factor in concerns that we are not looking at this virus in the correct seasonal nature of viruses, that we are no longer in an epidemic but rather in the endemic stage and that Ofcom regulations have been put in place limiting the media in what they can actually say. It is all rather concerning, and worrying that those in charge don't seem to be listening to all the voices out there but just a chosen few.

As I've said numerous times, in a few months, or a years time, there will be a fascinating documentary about all of this and we may not like what we find out.

But for now I will carry on doing as I've been told and hope that someone out there can take control and make some progress.

Take care

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