Thursday, 10 December 2020

Usual Thursday

Day 267...

Today was my usual non-working Thursday and it was chance to catch up on a few jobs around the house while also keeping an eye on work stuff as we are in the final throws of our virtual Christmas raffle.

The first part of the morning saw me doing a little research ready for podcast recording later on today followed by getting all the ironing done - whoop! A great sense of I put yet more laundry in the washing machine...mmm a never ending job!

At lunchtime we took a walk out and decided to chance the fields, well we got so far before the fields started to turn into a swamp! We made an about turn and kept to drier ground, this did mean we were out a little longer than normal managing 2.4 miles in 53 minutes.

The afternoon was taken up with chasing a few emails for both work and home as well as keeping an eye on raffle ticket sales and making sure that we had some final promotional posts ready to go on Facebook.

Early afternoon I took delivery of my weekly dairy order...the order that I'd forgot to amend the week before...the order which meant I received extra items! Oops! I have more ice-cream than intended...another tub of Christmas Pudding flavour and Panettone flavour...oh well it is Christmas and time for a treat!

Then it was time to chat away with my fellow Disney Dream Girl, Michelle, as we recorded our show ready for release this coming Sunday. We had a natter about Disney themed gifts, some news in the world of Disney as well as looking at some events in Disney history.

And while Simon headed down the 'gym' this evening I decided to chill and catch up with watching The Crown as I am woefully behind. Stopping and taking time for myself to watch something or do something just for me is not easy for me. I always seem to find something else that I 'need' to do rather than just allow a little time for me...but I am trying to get better at it! 

And now it's time to stop again and chill with Simon and the kids.

Take care out there.

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