Friday, 18 December 2020

Mandalorian Friday!!!!

Day 275...

Today's main job was to be in work to facilitate the building work outside as they needed power and water. This wasn't a problem as I had plenty of admin work to be getting on with that I would have been doing had I been at home anyway.

When I arrived at work the contractors were already there digging out a new pavement. They had been surprised with a much earlier than had been expected delivery of materials so had started work before I had even arrived.

So while they digged and mixed concrete I cracked on with sorting wages and bill payments and attempting to balance the end of term accounts. Well by the end of the day the accounts haven't balanced so that will be a task for over the weekend at some point.

But during the day I had a visit from one of my committee members who stopped by to pick up their Christmas present and then mid-afternoon it was time to call in the troops; by which I mean Simon and Molly.

So the laying of the pavement was taking longer than expected and we still had one more flat packed container unit to assemble as all we had managed yesterday was to get the base into place. So as Simon and Molly had very ably assisted with putting the roof on the first unit they were given the okay to get on with assembling unit number two.

So between myself, Molly, Simon and our contractor Doug we assembled the second unit in about an hour and a half. Thankfully the rain from earlier in the day had subsided and the wind had also died down a bit too. Although we all commentated that while the instructions say that assembly can be managed by just two people we strongly disagreed and were thankful of an extra pair of hands. I will admit to not doing too much; more of a director role, holding of screws and bolts and leaning into a wall panel to hold it in place!

But by 6.30pm we had two container units all sorted and a new pavement laid which will enable us to move items in and out hopefully with ease. I can't thank Doug and Sarah enough for battling through, wind, rain and failing light to get this work all completed for us this week.

Upon arrival at home it was time for a coffee, with a red wine chaser, and to sit and watch the last episode this series of The Mandalorian...we didn't want to chance leaving watching it to later in the evening in case of spoilers on social media and oh boy was that the right decision to make.

The episode was AMAZING! It had all the feels, it was Star Wars in it's finest and yes I cried. I cried at the interaction between a puppet and a man in a helmet, when a show can do that to you it must be doing something right. And then I cried some more!

I won't give anything away but this episode gave us so much more than I was expecting. Simon and I had talked about what we thought we might see in this episode but it exceeded those expectations ten fold. And just when you thought you'd seen it all they gave us a post credit scene that left us wanting to know more.

How they have managed to keep the details for this episode quiet is beyond me and is an amazing feat in it's own right. The team of Dave Filoni (have I mentioned that I've met him?! Check out my earlier post) and Jon Favreau have throughout the two seasons so far encapsulated the ethos of Star Wars and have kept true to all that we love about the franchise and have brought so much joy and life back to something that had not always delivered as well as it could have in recent years. I think these two individuals should be given the freedom and control over everything Star Wars because in their hands it will be handled with the care and love it truly deserves.

Oh and yet again watching this series, and this episode tonight, I have surprised myself with just how much Star Wars knowledge I actually have and can even make educated guesses at which planet they are visiting...what has happened to me!!

Anyway, stay safe out there...and may the force be with you!

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