Saturday, 5 December 2020

Simple Saturday

Day 262...

Well after a pretty rubbish nights sleep I decided to get up earlier than a normal Saturday to see what the day would bring.

As it was it was a pretty standard sort of day. I had a couple of Ebay sales finalise this morning and so was able to sort the postage out for them, along with some Christmas gifts ready for posting.

Over the day I had a couple of deliveries arrive and between those and some online shopping this afternoon I think I am almost there with all our present shopping for Christmas...although I am sure I will probably add a few more bits over the course of the next few days as I think of things!!

Molly was back at her guitar lesson this week as they have been allowed to re-open...even though we are in Tier 3...really can't make head nor tail of how the 'rules' work or have been developed. So while Molly played guitar we went off in search of a coffee and headed to the nearest drive thru'. Must have taken a good 20 minutes to get our coffee (and a cheeky mince pie each) as there were easily 10 cars in front of us. The retail park where we were was as busy as any other 'normal' Saturday and the McDonalds drive thru' was even busier than the one we were in.

The afternoon was spent doing the aforementioned online shopping, my last two items on Ebay sold, Simon did some more sanding and priming for his R2D2 build (working on the legs!) and I decided that the plants in my garden needed some Christmas love so they were adorned with red baubles.

And talking of Christmas outdoors here are a few photos of my outside lights...

Even have a projector going in the background

Just love these blow mold figures
I love my outside lights, and those blow molds are my favourite. I just love the retro vibe...although as I've had a couple of them for over 20 years (or more) they probably are actually classed as retro! Such a shame they are so hard to come by, especially here in the UK. I always have a look each year to see if I can get anymore and unfortunately the majority are only available in the US and come with extortionate shipping rates, never mind the import duty I'm likely to get hit with!

The photos don't really do the lights justice as I have lights going through the bushes and trees and over my shed and you might just be able to spot the tiki statue wrapped in tinsel. I think I may like Christmas a little bit!

Take care out there.

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