Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Day 272

Day 272...

It's hard to believe that I have managed to write a post a day for 272 days, since the beginning of my first lockdown but I am determined to keep on writing if only to see just how long 'this' goes on for.

It was a pretty standard Tuesday of work and home. Work was getting the final jobs for the end of term completed whilst also getting ready for the new term after Christmas.

Once home I carried on with a little more admin work as well as catching up on some personal stuff too.

Molls and Simon headed off down the 'gym' while I carried on 'getting on top of stuff', before cooking dinner.

A short post today because there really isn't that much to report and I guess we are all in limbo a little as we wait and see what will happen with the current tier system and whether or not the rules around Christmas will be changed. Only time will tell!

Take care out there,

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