Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Day 255

Day 265...

A day in work today and the focus was on cashflow forecasting - whoop!

The morning was taken up with the usual admin tasks, updating the banking, responding to and sending out emails before putting figures to paper as we begin to look forward over the next few months.

These are interesting times for early years care and education as we have seen a dramatic reduction in the numbers of children attending which we surmise is a knock-on effect of COVID. Parents may be struggling financially, or working from home and so don't need the childcare or simply haven't thought about sending their little one to pre-school. 

Our usual way of life has been disrupted and therefore the chain of events that would lead a parent to sending their child to us have simply not happened. All the usual places where parents of young children meet and chat like parent and toddler groups, soft play centres and parks haven't been open or have had restricted opening. So missed conversations has meant that parents, especially new parents, haven't given pre-school a thought or may not even know about pre-schools.

But the knock-on effect means that a lot of other pre-schools have struggled and some have even had to close. Thankfully that is not the case for us but we do need to make sure we are prepared and plan for whatever the coming months may hold.

Once home I had a little more work to complete before I turned my attention to baking...not something I do very often as following a low carb/keto diet means that cakes and sweet treats are a thing of the past, not that I actually miss them. But there was a reason for baking which will become apparent tomorrow!

Interestingly, talking about low carb and keto diets, there is a lot of evidence now emerging that poor metabolic health and high blood sugars are not conducive to contracting COVID and impact on the ability to fight the virus and recover from it. Our modern day western diet is so full of highly processed foods and sugars that we find ourselves running on the wrong fuel which in turn is affecting our ability to combat illnesses. Our bodies are supposed to run on protein and fats...put the right fuel in and the body is in a better position to run smoothly but load it up with too many carbs, sugars and highly processed foods and it's going to find it tough going.

Check out my page 'Eating Well, Staying Healthy' to find out why I changed my diet, how I did it and more importantly how I am still doing it.

Take care out there,

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