Sunday, 13 December 2020

Standard Sunday

Day 270...

And here we are back round to another Sunday as we hit day 260...that's how many days it has been since my first lockdown and the impact of this virus malarkey started for me and mine. I don't suppose any of us thought back then that we would still be where we are now 9 months later.

But Sunday it was and a pretty standard Sunday too. Although first job of the day saw us heading out of the house into the rain to visit our tenants at our 'other house' as they were having problems with the boiler; hopefully we have that sorted now. Then it was on to a local garage to check the tyre pressure for my car as it had 'beeped' at us yesterday telling us pressures were low! Once home there were a few last minute additions to my weekly online grocery shop ahead of collecting it tomorrow. 

Simon had a few more pieces of R2D2 to spray with paint as well as a little casting of parts to sort for someone looking for some spares. I then started to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol which was purely for research purposes ahead of this evening's Disney quiz. But I'd not long started watching when Simon asked if I wanted to go out for a walk as the rain had subsided. So to make the most of the break in the weather we set off on just a couple of miles walk and promptly got rained on! It wasn't too bad but a couple of miles was just about right especially as I was trying a different pair of boots today and they were just starting to feel a little uncomfortable by the time we returned home.

Armed with a coffee I then settled down to continue watching The Muppets Christmas Carol. I'm not the biggest Muppets fan, I prefer them in short bursts rather than an hour and a half movie but it was a while since I'd last seen this one. In fact I did comment that I remember having it on VHS...but I think I have watched it since those days!!

And then it was time for the aforementioned Disney Dream Girls Sunday evening Disney quiz, and the lovely Tracey in Wales had set the questions all on The Muppets Christmas Carol...and I won! Obviously the benefit of watching it just before the quiz meant it was quite fresh in my mind. So next week I am setting the questions and we have picked the Disney Christmas movie 'Noelle' to have questions about, which means I will need to watch the movie first!!

And so we have another Sunday as we begin to hear rumours about more lockdowns around the world, speculation as to the changes (or not) to which Tier levels we will be in next week, warnings about not doing what we've been told we can do at Christmas and then don't even get me started on the whole Brexit thing!

The end to 2020 will I think be received with a great sigh of relief but at the moment I am struggling to see what 2021 will bring us that is any different from the past nine months!

Take care,

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