Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Short & Sweet

Day 273...

Well I think today officially started at about 2am when I woke up (the joys of night sweats!) and then couldn't get back to sleep. In fact I think I dropped back off to sleep about 20 minutes before the alarm went off!

But then it was into a full day at work. Issuing invoices, drafting emails, updating banking and more. We have the groundwork happening for the installation of our new storage units and good progress is being made and then we finished the day with our Christmas party. Lots of dancing, balloons, party food and even snow!

So it was a later than normal finish to the work day and after a quick coffee it was back out the door again to take Molly over to her last karate session before fact her next time back at the karate gym will now be next year!

And that was today. Short and sweet as I think I need sleep!

Take care out there,

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