Saturday, 12 December 2020

Straightforward Saturday

Day 269...

Well we have reached the weekend and it's been a fairly standard sort of Saturday.

A steady start to the day followed by taking Molly to her guitar lesson and for Simon and I a drive thru' coffee to pass the time while we waited for her to finish her lesson.

It was then home for an afternoon at home. I updated this weeks online grocery shop as I had rather a lot to add and spent most of the time swearing at the site for either going slow or not loading properly. Simon finished his latest digital gamer girl drawing, check out his Instagram for his latest art projects.

Simon then ventured out to his 'workshop' (otherwise known as our garage) to cast a few helmet pieces as he'd received an order for some parts as well as start the painting process of his R2D2 build...apparently we have pieces sprayed blue today!

I then decided to get on top of my Christmas present wrapping while catching up on some TV, namely The Crown!

And that has been today, a quiet day but then again what else can we do at the moment?!

Take care out there,

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