Monday, 14 December 2020

Whirlwind Monday

Day 271...

Well today has been a bit of a whirlwind kind of day.

Once up and out it was time to fetch this weeks grocery shopping as well as to nip in store to pick up some party food supplies for pre-school. We have a great relationship with Jon at our local Asda, who is their Community Champion, and they have supported pre-school for a number of years now. 

In 'normal' times Jon will come out to visit us at pre-school and conduct various activities and the children just love a visit by him. But that obviously can't happen at the moment but that hasn't stopped Jon and Asda supporting us whenever we have asked. So this month we asked if they could help with a few supplies for this weeks Christmas party and they have done us proud once again with lots of yummy goodness for the children later in the week.

With bags full of shopping we headed home via pre-school so that we could drop off the party supplies. A quick check-in with my deputy and I discovered that there maybe a problem with the delivery of our flat packed storage units as there was a problem with the lorry! Thankfully we found out later in the day that the delivery would happen today but not until about 5pm.

Once home and shopping unpacked and put away our next job was to sort out the few Christmas cards that we send along with some postage for a couple of other items. This was then followed by a trip to the post office to get said cards and parcels on their way.

After a quick coffee and bite for lunch we headed off for a two mile walk in just under 40 minutes, and despite some very dark clouds we managed to avoid any rain. Simon then had a few more R2D2 parts to spray paint before we headed over to pre-school.

We had said we would go over to pre-school to wait for the flat packed container units to be delivered rather than have my deputy wait on her own after a full day at work. True to their word the lorry turned up at 4.50pm and it then took about 40 minutes for the lorry to reverse into position, put down its stabilising legs and then off-load the two units. But this now means it's full speed ahead this week with getting them into position.

And then it was time to play taxi service for Molly, getting her to and from her kickboxing/karate class...well it's not a class at the's just a chance to practice using the gyms facilities.

And there we have Monday as other areas of the country prepare to join us in Tier 3 restrictions and the rest of the country await Wednesday to find out if we stay the same or change...oh and then we get told there's a new variant of the virus! Although they can't tell us what this means...good or bad. So yet again we have fear and confusion at the heart of all that we get told and we are left wondering just what is right and whether we are getting told the whole story or not!

Take care out there,

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