Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Disney Gifts

Day 279...

So today has been a day of getting jobs done with the first task of the day being to collect the weekly grocery shop from my supermarket of choice.

We saw our usual store colleague, Marky Mark, so it was nice to be able to wish him a 'happy Christmas'. I will admit to this being a bigger than normal weekly shop...think I fell foul of a 'well it's Christmas' attitude while shopping as I'm sure we have more than we actually need!

Packing everything into the fridge was like playing a game of Tetris and woah behold anyone who doesn't put things back in the right place!!

I then had the pleasure of getting all the ironing completed - whoop! Simon has spent the day working on his R2D2 build; a laborious job of masking off all the many, many, many parts ready for spray painting and followed by an afternoon of spray painting all said parts in a silver to get a metal appearance.

The podcast I co-host has created a special Facebook page called 'Disney Dream Girls Podcast Family'; a page where a group of us can get together, swap Disney stories and share what's happening in our lives. This year we decided to set up a 'Christmas gift exchange'; everyone who wanted to join in the fun added themselves to a list and specified whether they wanted to exchange with someone in their own country or from abroad.

I joined in the fun and was partnered with Donna in the US. We chatted online to agree a budget and specify any likes or dislikes. I decided to buy Donna a Disney Key Christmas ornament as she had mentioned she collected the keys and then I included a range of quintessential British chocolate and sweets along with some park maps from Disneyland Paris. Today my parcel arrived from Donna and I was blown away...

The contents of my parcel - just love that Star Wars paper!

...wow! So some Disney socks, well socks are a Christmas must have! A Mike Wazowski clip (which has made its way to Molly's collection of Monsters Inc items!), a Baby Yoda hanging ornament (this is now sitting on top of the mouse droid in our living room...but will stay out all year round), some Jolly Rancher sweets and my all time favourite...Midnight Dark Milky Way...in mini form!!!

There was some lovely Disney tissue paper which has been saved as well as a couple of  leaflets from the Disney Store in the US; one of which was a pop-out hanging decoration..
This is now hanging on my tree!
Such a lovely parcel to receive and this gift exchange has created so many lovely and thoughtful surprises for people around the world; truly encapsulating the essence of giving at Christmas.

And to round out today I best stop typing and go wrap some presents!!

Take care out there.

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