Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Quiet Day and into Tier 4

Day 287...

Today has been a bit of a quiet day and has left me feeling rather melancholic and down.

At this point in a normal Christmas break we would be off doing something, somewhere, even if it was just going shopping or visiting friends. But this year things are obviously very different and while the shops have been open here today the thought of 'going shopping' and having to queue to get into shops and only able to have take-away food and coffee really hasn't appealed to us.

I would have loved to go visiting friends but again this is out of the question and it just kills me that I haven't been able to see people physically for almost a year now.

I did manage to complete my current jigsaw this morning (thanks Paula for my birthday pressie). 

This was the first time completing a jigsaw that was made out of very fine wooden pieces and as I was bought another of the same make for Christmas I know what I will be doing next.

After completing the jigsaw and dismantling it to make way for the next one I was feeling very much at a 'loose end' so Simon suggested we go on a walk. So all wrapped up we set off and managed one of our longer routes completing 5.5 miles in 1 hour and 43 minutes. It was rather chilly and by the time we got home the light was fading but it was lovely to arrive home to see all our outside lights twinkling.

And then once home we heard the news that the area we live in is moving into Tier 4 restrictions as of midnight...which basically means lockdown...again. So all non-essential shops, gyms, indoor entertainment, hairdressers, tattoists and nail bars are closed and everyone is to work from home if you can. So yet again we are confined to our homes with no evidence that the measures that we have been following have had any affect what so ever. Numbers of cases continue to rise while using a flawed PCR test and although we keep getting told the number of deaths per day (which is awful) the overall deaths do not appear to be that different from any other year. And yes we are being told that the NHS is under pressure but none of the 'nightingale hospitals' have been opened and every year our poor NHS is always under pressure due to seasonal respiratory diseases. Perhaps if our government had better funded the NHS over the past 10, 15 years or more we would be in a better position to cope. Perhaps if messages about better metabolic health and taking vitamin D were pushed then the public would be in a better position to cope with this horrible virus (and other things) should they be unfortunate enough to catch it.

The further we get into this mess the more confused I get, the more sceptical I get and the more worried I get that we have all been forced into some draconian measures for no reason whatsoever. Either this is an extremely dangerous virus that we are never going to be able to quash or it's a seasonal virus that we need to learn to live with and get on with our lives. But all we can do is follow what those in power tell us to do and take our own risk assessment on the activities that we decide on. I await the documentary in about a year or eighteen months time when we may find out the truth behind all of this.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are living, just take care.

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