Sunday, 20 December 2020

Day 277

Day 277...

So here we are on the run up to Christmas that has effectively been cancelled for the vast majority of people and to be honest I am more than fed up now.

I have little to no faith in what we are being told and how this whole mess is being handled. We have had numerous lockdowns over the last 9 months yet nothing seems to have had an affect on 'cases'. And today I find out that my best buddy and podcast co-host Michelle has tested positive for the second time.

Today I have felt very despondent; I am concerned for Michelle, I feel a sense of loss for all those who have had plans for Christmas just ruined completely and I can see no way out of the mess that we find ourselves in. The businesses that have struggled all year have now had Christmas pulled out from underneath them and it is hard to see how, or when, they will recover from this.

I will do all that I can, and follow the guidance as best as I can but I am struggling to understand what is happening and why. Why have we not got a handle on this by now? Why are the strategies of the past nine months not being effective? Why are we all suffering in our own ways?

We have all carried on as best we can; we have all dealt with birthdays in lockdown, with cancelled events and holidays, we have put on hold plans, we have stayed at home and now cabin fever is taking its toll.

What about the costs to businesses, to relationships, to poverty, to children's education, to the vulnerable, to those dealing with abusive relationships, to the missed doctors appointments, to the missed or delayed diagnosis of cancers, heart disease and more, to being separated from loved ones and to our civil liberties being taken away from us. What will all this cost in the long term? What will we have lost?

Like I said today has not been a great day for me. The more I read or hear the more despondent I have felt. It was great to get out the house this afternoon for a 4 mile walk to blow away the cobwebs and for Simon and I to put the world to rights!

Once home I tackled balancing the accounts for work and within 30 minutes all was sorted - phew! And then it was time for our weekly Disney quiz hosted by our Disney Dream Girls podcast; this week Molly had set the questions all about the Disney film, Noelle. These Sunday evening quizzes have been a little bright spot each week since we started doing them a fair few months ago now. The chance to put faces and voices to names and to make friends from around the world and just chat about our lives and of course Disney. In a world where everything has been turned upside down it is nice to have a bit of 'normal' once a week.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, take care.

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