Sunday, 27 December 2020

Laid Back Sunday

Day 284...

Well today has been another slow and steady day. We have now entered that time between Christmas and New Year when the question of the day is 'what day is it?'

So after a very relaxed start I set about getting a few minor jobs done; updated my online grocery shop for later in the week and did a little research ready for podcast recording later on.

Simon and I then took a walk out through our village and managed just under two and a half miles in about 45 minutes.  But I have never known the village to be so busy...normally we would perhaps see two or three others walking about but today it felt like we were walking as part of a group! 

There were lots and lots of parked cars where normally there would be none. So much for a quiet afternoon walk...especially when you have a noisy family walking behind you!!

Later this afternoon I jumped online with my podcast co-host Michelle to record a coulple of podcast episodes; one for our Patreon supporters and the other our usual weekly show.

No sooner than I'd finished recording it was time for our weekly Disney Dream Girls podcast family Disney quiz. This week the questions were all about the film The Princess and the Frog which I haven't seen for years but thankfully Molly had sat and watched it this afternoon and as a result we won! This does mean that I have the pleasure of setting questions for next weeks quiz which we have agreed will be on the live action movie version of Mulan.

So a straight forward, steady, Sunday. Take care out there! 


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