Thursday, 3 December 2020

Thursday Thoughts

Day 260...

It has been a very grey, chilly and rainy day today and thankfully most of it was spent indoors.

Although first thing me and Molly jumped in the car and went in search of twinkly lights for pre-school and some new towels for home. One shop and both objectives achieved.

Once home I had a mixture of getting some odd jobs around home completed as well as a few pre-school related jobs. I've placed another butchers order, wrote some Christmas cards, done a little online Christmas shopping as well as getting on top of the laundry.

This afternoon I was able to attend 'virtually' the course that I thought was yesterday...a couple of hours all about safeguarding within the early years sector. Once that was completed I did a little more pre-school work to promote our upcoming Christmas raffle.

Today Ethan received a surprise package in the mail; I presumed it was something he'd ordered but it turned out to be a box of treats from the company he works for - how cool is that?! He got a Christmas card, some stickers, a company t-shirt and 2 face masks, a selection box, some sweets, a box of biscuits and entry into a special Christmas raffle! Wow! And he has even shared some of it with his sister!!

I did have my dairy delivery arrive this afternoon and I am very excited to try a couple of their ice-creams...panettone and Christmas pudding flavours, apparently the pudding has plenty of brandy in it so I will look forward to enjoying that a little closer to Christmas.

And talking about Christmas here are a few more of my Christmas tree themed decorations...

This is pretty with a tealight inside

Light-up decoration on a window

Another candle holder

Quirky metalwork tree

This tree spins around when tealights are lit in the base area

Wooden tree with tiny LED lights
Suffice to say Christmas kind of takes over our house!

Almost forgot the stake lights out in the garden!
Photo courtesy of Molly
And that is where I will leave it for today.

Take care out there,

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