Saturday, 19 December 2020

Treerific Saturday

Day 276...

It's Saturday and the first day of my Christmas break...and what a break this is going to be...not!

Okay so let's go through the day. The morning was spent catching up on a few minor jobs as well as doing a little research for podcast recording later in the day. Next we took Molly for her usual guitar lesson while we went for our now usual drive thru' coffee - whoop!

Once home I jumped online with Michelle to record a couple of Disney Dream Girls podcast shows; one for our Patreon supporters and the other for our regular weekly release.

Next we had a new outdoor decoration to sort. Finally after having ordered it in November my new light up tree had splendid does this look?!

It's only 2.4 metres tall and has crazy flashing lights...well you can't have too many Christmas lights now can you?!

Simon has spent the day 'tinkering' with his R2D2 build; we have multiple painted pieces drying in the house and Simon has been assembling other pieces and fixing mechanisms to ensure easy access to the body!!

And then today we hear that part of the UK will be going into a new 'Tier 4' because of a new strain of COVID-19. They will also no longer be allowed any sort of meeting of households over Christmas as had been promised and for the rest of us we can now only meet up on Christmas Day and not the five days we were originally told.

Okay so 2020 is officially doing my head in now. A new strain? A new more infectious strain? A strain that we have only heard about here in the UK...mmm...but one that isn't causing more deaths or a more severe infection but just gets spread more easily. What? Or is this just a convenient way to explain rising numbers in some areas after it would appear that a lockdown and then tier system had no affect. Could that be because we are dealing with an airborne virus that is now endemic in our society and a virus will do what a virus will do? 

I am no scientist but I try to read and learn and move forward. And the more I read and the more I learn the more I question what we are being told. The more I question the validity behind the decision making. The more I fear we are being led down a path that is destroying lives, businesses, families and relationships that could have been avoided and may not even be necessary.

Are we too far down the rabbit hole now for government to do anything different? Are the powers that be simply too afraid to be honest with the public, to admit that they may have been wrong or that as more information becomes available we may have to change our approach? Or is there some bigger thing at play, do 'people' have vested interests in dragging this out? Why does it feel that all the 'fun stuff' is being penalised all the time?

Like I said I am no scientist, just a concerned member of the public who wants all this to be over with like everyone else does. I just hope that those in power know what they are doing, but I guess only time will tell.

Take care,

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