Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Mid-week Muddle

Day 259...

Well today has been another very busy work day. There is lots to plan for at the moment at work as we have the last few weeks of term to see out and then start planning for the new term in January.

We have invoices to calculate, registers to organise, fees to chase, Santa letters to print and post, a Christmas raffle to manage, the usual banking and lots more.

My team have been working very hard to take part in a community event where schools have been asked to display artwork in their windows or, in our case, on our gate as part of a Christmas Light Trail through the village over the course of the next couple of weeks. They have got the artwork almost sorted and tomorrow I am off in search of some battery operated lights so that we can make it look all pretty and festive but much more importantly visible at night!

After a busy morning I dashed home to quickly get set-up to jump online for a safeguarding course via Microsoft Teams. I switched my laptop on, got my headphones sorted, paper and pen ready to go and followed the link I'd been sent. It was only after I'd done all that that I happened to notice the date of the course in the email confirmation...3rd December...oh dear! That's tomorrow - oops! In my defence when I'd booked the course I'd had to pick two dates in case the first date I chose was fully booked and the other date I had picked was today...but still not really an excuse for mis-reading the email with the course link in it.  Oh well, that just means that on my day off from work tomorrow I will have a course to attend! I suppose it was a good job it was a virtual course rather than me having driven to a location to then discover I'd got it wrong.

But that did mean I could get on with some of the other jobs that needed completing for pre-school, which probably meant I got more work done today than I would have done otherwise. As I said there is lots happening at the moment and I want to be able to get as much done as quickly as possible so that when we break for Christmas I don't have anything outstanding.

Molly was back at her karate lesson tonight, although rather than attending a 'class' she was simply able to make use of the resources there to do her own training. This means she can actually have a workout and practice on kickboxing dummies rather than just thin air as it has been via Zoom.

So as we are now in 'Tier 3'; we are able to go shopping, get our hair and nails done, go to a gym but we can't go to a pub or a restaurant. Our local pub has today said that it will not be opening over Christmas at all. The next review of the 'Tiers' will not happen for a couple of weeks and if we do move down a tier it will not give the pub enough notice to re-open for Christmas. I received a very heartfelt email from the owner of this small chain of pubs expressing what a hard decision it has been and how awful it has been having to contact thousands of people to cancel already booked tables, but thanking everyone for being so understanding. This has been devastating for the hospitality and entertainment sector and it is heartbreaking for all those involved.

Let's finish today's post with a little more Christmas are some of my other Christmas trees...

A Mickey tree of course, just a small desktop one.
Another small desktop tree, this time a rainbow of colours for Ethan's room

Gorgeous white with purple decorations, this is Molly's.

This small classic tree sits on the hearth and must be at least 25 years old!
Not looking bad!!
After I'd took these photos I then realised that I have still more trees to share in the form of ornaments...but I'll save those for another day.

Take care out there.

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