Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Day 104

Day 104...

And my first working day of the week and today was a working from home day.

The usual kind of stuff; a few emails, prepping wages as we approach our end of year, a bit of banking and accounts updating as well as getting some HR paperwork sorted.

We took our usual walk out at lunchtime and managed just under two miles in 39 minutes and today's weather while still a bit blustery was much better than yesterday and felt quite warm in comparison.

We had another delivery from an online butchers today as we'd been really impressed with the delivery we had a few weeks back. We calculated that today's order was about 20kg of sausage, bacon, steak, chicken and mince and it must have took me and Molly almost an hour to unpack it all and then split it into smaller portions to go in the freezer. All I know is that carrying it all to my freezer was like a workout!

The ongoing saga of my uncollected parcels continued today. I have had no communication about either of the parcels and they are still sat here waiting collection. I actually managed to speak to the courier in person again today who told me there was nothing they could do at the moment as the issue had been flagged with their agent who has 48 hours to get back to them - what?! So I've paid for a service that has failed, and I am complaining about, but their agent has the luxury of 48 hours to come up with an excuse as to why they haven't been to collect. Really annoying when they report that the agent tried to collect on the due day and claims no-one was home...we have four adults in the house, two of which work from home 5 days a week!! So frustrating!

I have managed to get some more progress made on my latest jigsaw; I have now sorted all the straight edges and have joined all of two together...there is so much brown and gold and swirls!! 
But I have got some other little bits completed...
...I think this will take me a little while!

So today we have the city of Leicester going back into lockdown following a significant rise in cases over the last couple of weeks. I think we are going to have to get used to the idea of localised lockdowns to keep on top of this virus and this particular one brings it home as it's not that far from where we are, it's only about 40 miles away! I just hope that people realise it's in everyone's best interests to just sit tight for the next couple of weeks and stop it spreading any further than it needs to. My fear is that people are tired of being in lockdown and were looking forward to things easing this coming weekend and that might put any lockdown into jeopardy.

As with all of this only time will tell, and all we can do is make sure that we take care of ourselves, do as we have been told and encourage others to do the same. I will stick to my current routines, I will minimise my contact with the outside world, I will wear a mask when needed and fingers crossed we can all get through this.

Take care out there, stay safe.

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