Saturday, 6 June 2020

Day 80

Day 80...

Another weekend in lockdown and another quiet and slow start to the day.

Back in normal times we would have been taking Molly to her guitar lesson and enjoying a coffee while she 'rocked out'. But our new normal now means we get to hear her guitar lesson as she now gets it emailed through with sheet music and videos.

I had a bit of a clean through this morning while Simon finished a little project that he's been working on...a little project that I inadvertently caused! A couple of weeks ago while cleaning I decided to move some of my Disney ornaments to give them a good dust, but I forgot that one of them had a loose piece...a tealight glass holder...which as I turned the item around simply fell off, hit the ground and everywhere!

This little Christmas scene (yes I do keep this out all year round!) used to have a glass tealight holder on top of the lamp post - oops!
So Simon said 'don't worry I can sort that for would you like it made into a proper lamp post'. So by the power of 3D design, modelling and printing...
Model created in 3D
Split into sections for 3D printing
3D printing in action
Individual pieces printed and cleaned up
All pieces sanded, glued and sprayed with primer paint
Fixed to the lamp post (small screw & glue)
And the finished result with a freshly painted lamp post
Aren't I lucky to have a very creative hubby!

We spotted a break amongst the rain showers this afternoon and took a walk to my dad's house to check-in and make sure he was doing okay. Thankfully we only had one quick shower as we stood chatting to my dad through his living room window and despite the very dark sky on the walk back we remained dry.

Once home it was time for coffee and shopping...okay online grocery shopping so not very exciting but needed. I also decided to place another online order with a butchers that I'd used earlier in the lockdown as we'd been really impressed with them and my freezer is beginning to look a little empty.

Opted for making indian for dinner this evening and although I used a store bought korma sauce I was very proud of my efforts making low carb naan bread and some courgette fries to accompany; with a couple of dips made by Simon!
Low Carb Naan Bread
Courgette Fries
Spicy Tomato Dip
Mustard Dip
And that was Day 80!

I hope everyone is staying safe out there, whatever you are up to.

Take care,

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