Sunday, 21 June 2020

Day 95

Day 95...

Another Sunday and today it was Fathers Day.

A steady start to the day and then all of us took a walk to see my Dad and spend some time with him, with a little gift of some posh chocolates. The nice thing was that as Dad is part of our 'support bubble' now we could all go inside and sit down together and have a catch-up.

We joked on the walk home about how the sky kept coming over a bit grey and that 'it better not rain'...well less then a few minutes walk away from home the heavens opened. The boys were a bit ahead of me and Molly so we made a quick dash and sheltered under some trees and hoped that the boys had made it to a bus shelter a little ahead of us. As we stood there the rain started to come through the cover of the trees and so as it eased a little I suggested we make a break for it. We ran to the next bit of cover and could see that the bus stop ahead had a couple of cyclists sheltering but not the boys so we decided that as we were now pretty wet that we would just make a run for home. The positive out of this was that I discovered I can still run if need be and was quite pleased with how long I could keep going for! As we approached the small lane to our house Simon appeared in the car as he'd grabbed the keys and came out to pick us up! But suffice to say we were all absolutely soaked through to the bone!
Looking slightly bedraggled!
The afternoon saw us packaging up some more of our Ebay sales and then getting very confused as their system is refusing to let us create a postage label...we can sort the postage using another courier just annoying that the one they advise you to use just doesn't want to work and for no sensible reason why!

And then we had what is now our usual Sunday evening Disney quiz via Zoom hosted by the podcast I co-host; the Disney Dream Girls. This week I hadn't set any questions and although we had a bit of a rocky start with the first round of questions me and Molly ended up doing quite fact we won! And my to set the questions for next week!

Take care and see you tomorrow,

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