Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Day 97

Day 97...

So back to work today and it's been another busy day.

A mix of accounts, banking, emails, purchasing and the ever exciting cash flow forecast; which probably took me the biggest chunk of the day. In fact I was determined to finish around 3.30pm and when I looked up it was almost 5pm - doh!

We took another lunchtime walk of a couple of miles and met a surprisingly large number of people out and about; can only presume the gorgeous weather today had brought everyone out.

So after work I made a point of stopping, grabbing a coffee and sat out on the patio and soaked up some more vitamin D before getting changed and off down 'the gym'; a bit of a warm one tonight but still managed to get a little done!

Last night I managed to complete my latest Disney jigsaw...
Disney Villainous - Jafar
...I then had the sense to look up the measurements for my next challenge...2000 pieces...

...which was a good thing as it will be too big for my puzzle board. But the advantage of living with a prop maker however does mean that I have been able to 'borrow' a large piece of 'foamex' (poster board that is used for all sorts, and most of our Mandalorian armour!) to be the base for it's completion.

And then today our government have announced the next phase of lifting restrictions which come into affect from 4th July. The announcement comes with a tone of 'the public must adopt common sense' which could mean anything if we are honest! It also allows the social distancing of 2 metres to be dropped to 1 metre + but with mitigation - what? Why didn't they just say get closer then 2 metres and you must wear a mask?

Once again an announcement has been made that leaves a lot of us asking questions; hairdressers can open but tattooists and nail bars can't; we can see people from another household in our own homes but we can't hug them but we can see multiple households just on different days!! We can now go to a hotel, have a drink in a pub, we can go to a theatre but they can't put on a live performance, casinos are to remain closed but bingo halls can open - really?! 

So yet again it will come down to us as individuals to assess the amount of risk we want to take and yet again the one thing we probably all want to do the most (or should do!) is to give those we love and care about a hug but we can't. It was heartbreaking here at the weekend when Molly had her friends around, they were all brilliant and obeyed the 2 metre rule but you could just see they so wanted to give each other a hug. And there's Molly with her fella...he can now visit and stay overnight but has to remain socially distanced - really, what the heck is that all about! Molly is not a happy lady tonight and to be honest neither am I!

Whatever happens in 10 days time let's hope that everyone adopts some common sense and we keep this virus at bay, otherwise there will be spikes and we will all be locked down once again.

Stay safe out there, take care,

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