Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Day 83

Day 83...

And it was back to work today. Lots of admin to get through ready for pre-school to re-open its doors on Monday.

I had registers to compile, fees to calculate, contracts to amend, funding to sort as well as deal with requests from parents that are either changing their minds about their child returning or are wanting to 'bend' our new rules before we've even opened - argh!!

In amongst all the paperwork we took a little time out at lunch to take a parcel to the post office followed by a 1.8 mile walk over the fields in just 40 minutes.

I decided at 4.45pm that I'd done enough work for the day and took some time out to get more of my current Disney jigsaw completed. And then once Simon had finished his work for the day we headed to 'the gym'; aka our garage!

And that was my day...a busy work day! I have another day actually in work tomorrow to meet my team for the first time since we closed back in March which will be lovely but a little strange as we will be observing social distancing! Molly got notified today that her guitar lessons are due to resume in person at the end of the month and so slowly we are seeing things move towards the new normal.

The government have admitted today that there is no way all primary school pupils will be back at school before the Summer holidays. No real surprise there, I could never see how it was going to work if each class could only be a maximum of 15 children when normally there would be around the 30 mark. Where were all these children actually going to go?!

I hope that the easing of restrictions that we are seeing is being handled safely and cautiously and that the death and infection rates continue to come down. I still hold that modicum of doubt in the system and the logic behind it; trying to comprehend that after weeks and weeks of staying home we can now venture out a bit further and further. But in all of this re-opening of businesses it still seems bizarre that we cannot yet reconnect with our loved ones properly. My dad lives on his own; his family is me and my brother, our partners and children. He would normally go to the gym a few times a week but that isn't happening at the moment so he will venture out to the shops and then be at home and that's it. It does seem really strange that we are not allowed to get within 2 metres of him and only if we are outside, especially when we are all working from home and none of us has been anywhere where we shouldn't!

I really feel for Molly and her fella as they have not seen each other since early March and for all those other young couples who find themselves having a relationship via Facetime - when are these guys going to be able to get together, spend time together and make up for all the time missed. It's great to know businesses are getting the opportunity to re-open but shouldn't our personal lives also get a consideration?

Take care out there,

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