Friday, 5 June 2020

Day 79

Day 79...

Well that was a day and a half! Work, work, work!

Such a lot to get through to get organised for re-opening our pre-school on the 15th June. I have been emailing parents letting everyone know what the situation is, letting those that want to send their children back know if they have a place or not.

Then all parents of returning children have had to read and agree to our new parental agreement; this has been set up so that parents know what is expected of everyone in order for us to operate as efficiently and as safely as possible. 

I have now also started all of the usual preparation work for the new school year starting in September. Ordinarily by June this would have been completed but because of all the uncertainty it had taken a back seat but not anymore; I had emails flying back and forth, checking term dates, realising I haven't ordered an academic diary yet, reformatting documents and updating spreadsheets.

And somewhere in amongst all that I managed to find time for a walk out with Simon just after lunch. We decided to brave the weather as it has been a very windy day and one with lots of sunshine and showers and even a very heavy hail shower at one point. Thankfully it only tried to rain once while we were out and only for a few minutes, so we managed 2 miles in 41 minutes.

Later this afternoon I squeezed in an hour for some podcast recording with fellow Disney Dream Girl, Michelle. She had already chatted with someone from the US who had been at Universal Studios yesterday as they started opening up to the public. We have a few weeks to go before Walt Disney World re-opens and it will be interesting to see how they manage this reduced capacity opening and what sort of experience it will be for visitors.

And that's been my recording...and more work! Good job it's the weekend tomorrow!

Take care, stay safe

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