Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Day 91

Day 91...

So day number two of working from home this week and it has been pretty much non-stop.

I updated our website with the latest newsletter, issued emails confirming places for September, issued start dates for new children in September, updated all the various documents that I use to keep track of everything, uploaded learning journals, made phone calls and prepped the staff time sheets - phew!

And in amongst all that we found time for another couple of miles out walking over the fields and although when we started out it was a little grey and misty by the time we got home it was beautiful sunshine. Later this afternoon me and Molly popped over the road to our local farm to stock up on eggs and although we heard thunder while we were out we only felt a few raindrops thankfully!

But not long later the sky got darker, the wind picked up and more thunder rolled in followed by torrential rain (for my Disney friends it was almost like being in Florida!). It must have lasted for about an hour so I thought I would do some more jigsaw only to be hampered by the lack of natural light because it had become that dark.

Once the rain had cleared I then had the lovely job of sorting out the lying water as we had a couple of grates where the water would naturally drain away that were covered in leaves and silt. So it was boots on followed by 20 minutes of clearing out grates, sweeping water away and then washing down the paths to get rid of the film of silt that was left. Simon even had to sweep out the garage when he went to complete the next phase of a helmet order he is currently in the middle of. And there you have the Great British Summer weather!

So another busy work day for me and tomorrow I actually get to go into work for the last two days of the week. 

And on the news front it would appear that everyone is getting excited because professional football (soccer for my American friends) has started back today...whoop! (said with heavy sarcasm). I know a lot of people will be very happy about this and I appreciate that there will be chance to see a lot more football on TV than normal which is great if football is your thing...but it's not mine. And to hear todays press conference from the UK government I couldn't believe just how much fuss they were making of it. I appreciate it's a very British pastime but you would have thought it was the biggest, most amazing thing ever to have happened in the entirety of everything...okay I may be exaggerating just a tad but you get my point. Professional footballers who get paid an extortionate amount of money can mix and get up close and personal but I still can't sit next to my bestie to have a coffee - again priorities!!!

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