Friday, 12 June 2020

Day 86

Day 86...

Well I had said that I wasn't going to do any work today...but that didn't quite go as planned.

Hopping online this morning I had a few emails to respond to as well as generating a couple myself. There were some parents to chase for responses that were outstanding and spreadsheets to update. I even had phone calls to deal with today.

But by lunchtime I was pretty much on top of everything so we took our usual walk out. We did just another couple of miles in about 40 minutes and although it didn't rain it was rather grey and windy.

After lunch I did a little online shopping...nothing exciting as it was mainly sorting this weeks grocery order along with a little bit of something for my dad for Father's Day. Although I did inadvertently stumble across Hotel Chocolat and saw a few items for would have been rude not to! Can't recommend these chocolates highly enough; I am a member of their Chocolate Tasting Club and receive a very yummy box of their dark chocolate creations every 12 weeks.

The afternoon was made up of getting some more of my current jigsaw complete and helping Molly with her business venture. She has done a fab job of creating some cute designs that she is going to produce as prints and hopefully t-shirts. Today we went through the designs that she has picked for the prints and made sure we ordered the correct ones along with envelopes, thank you cards, address labels and sweets! 
One of Molly's designs for Shutter Studios
She also showed me the t-shirt designs that she has come up with and they all look fab; she has 5 at the moment and now needs to complete the setting up of her Etsy store so she can get selling. It's all very exciting and I have everything crossed that she manages to get this venture up and running.

And that has been my day; a fairly quiet day and one where I seemed to have stayed away from the news for the vast majority of the day. Some days the news can be overwhelming and the start of the day felt a little like that so it has been nice to avoid the majority of it today. There is so much going on at the moment, and while I am very aware of everything that is happening, there are some days where I just need to disengage. Some days when I need to turn down the volume and take things at a pace that feels less fraught and less out of my control; days where I can be in control and complete something or help someone so I feel much more productive and much less stressful.

Take care out there,

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