Thursday, 18 June 2020

Day 92

Day 92...

And what a wet and miserable day it has been today...and my first full day back at pre-school as well.

The day went fine, and actually at some points dragged a's always a strange day when you can't get outside with little ones because of the weather. But I managed a skype meeting, a transition phone call with a local primary school, set up a plan to sort a leavers memento, updated the banking and got on top of my filing.

It was then home to get changed and have a coffee before hooking up with my good friend Michelle to record our podcast; Disney Dream Girls. We chatted about the Disney parks re-opening and what going to a theme park in the near future might look like and whether it's something we would be doing. I have to say with all the restrictions likely to be in place; no shows, masks to be worn, no character meets, social distancing on rides and restricted numbers in the parks I am really not sure it's something I want to experience just yet. It's not a cheap affair going to Disney whether that be just over into France or to further afield like the US so if I am spending a good chunk of money then I think I want to be able to get the full on experience and not one where I might not be even able to get into the parks!

I was able to spend a little time moving jigsaw pieces around while Simon worked a little late this evening and then it was a low carb chicken parmesan for dinner.

And that was today...we are still in some form of 'lockdown' but I have completed my first full day physically in work...91 days of working from home! I remember making the decision to close and it wrecked me having to do that but I also knew it was the right decision at the time. We have opened and tomorrow will mark the end of week one but we only have about a third of the children attending and we are having to adapt what we do and how we do it. We have no idea how long this way of working will last nor what the implications are for the next academic year starting in September. 

And my question still remains in all of this we have work, we have football, we have small support bubbles for single person households but when will we get to see, and hug, those friends and family we care about and have not seen for such a long time now?

Stay safe, take care,

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