Friday, 26 June 2020

Day 100

Day 100...

WOW! I'm not sure when I started writing these daily posts back on the 19th March I ever thought I would reach Day 100 but here we are!

Another day in work for me today and it was a fairly quiet, steady sort of day just keeping things ticking over and thinking forward about our new academic year starting in September. We need to enroll more children onto our books so a small team effort today saw us update an existing banner to advertise our place availability.

In other news I was contacted by my hairdresser this morning to see if I would like an appointment when she reopens. Although I really do need my hair sorting out I can survive for a few more weeks and practically speaking I can be flexible with my dates and times once we have finished for the school year on the 17th July. So I am happy to wait and let those that are more 'desperate' to get in first, but as it is I now have the date of the 4th August on my calendar and I am quite happy about that. Just need to think what style I want to go for as this is the longest my hair has been in a pretty long while; although I know by most peoples standards it's still pretty short!
This is long by my standards and is in danger of showing my true hair colour!
Once home this afternoon I had a little 'me' time sat with a coffee in the sunshine; which considering the weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms was pretty good going...not a drop of rain seen all day.

I've spent a good chunk of this evening trying to figure out why two parcels that I have waiting to be collected are still sat here waiting to be collected and have gotten increasingly frustrated at the courier company's website as it seems to contradict itself and gives no easy way to get in touch or help to point me in the right direction - argh! Thought collection would be the easy option but obviously not!

And with that, and a glass of red wine I shall call it a night and see what tomorrow brings!

Take care out there,

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