Thursday, 25 June 2020

Day 99

Day 99...

Well we had another very warm and sunny day again today and one where I was at work for the majority of it. A pretty standard sort of day with lots of emails, banking and forward planning.

It was then home to get changed and showered before settling down for an hour or so to record a couple of podcasts with my fellow Disney Dream Girl, Michelle. We recorded one show that will be released on Sunday and then another special edition just for our Patreon supporters.

By the time I had finished recording Simon and Molly had headed off 'down the gym' so I decided to tidy round and get things prepped for cooking dinner once they were all worked out.

Yet again today I have been stunned by the reports of people crammed together on British beaches because the weather has been so good and yet despite still being in the middle of a pandemic. I simply cannot fathom how people would want to visit somewhere so crowded under these circumstances. Our chief medical officer has warned that while it is only natural to want to get out and enjoy the sunshine that we should do it responsibly and following social distancing guidelines (which is still at 2 metres for at least another week) because after all the 'virus is still in general circulation'.

I think for those of us who have followed the governments instructions and guidance to the best of our abilities throughout the last few months seeing acts like this feels like a proper kick in the stomach. All the hard work that we have put into keeping ourselves and others safe could be thwarted by the actions of these people. One beach was declared as a 'major incident' among fears of safety and the danger that it could become a 'super spreader' event.

I know, from my own personal perspective, that I shall be avoiding all places like that. I have no desire to be rushing out to the pub or a restaurant or anywhere else where the risk could be increased. I would rather take my time and feel confident that businesses have got a handle on what they are doing, that we have seen no further spikes in case numbers and that the transmission rate is coming down. I still feel that the old saying of 'slow and steady wins the race' applies to all of this and that it could be our rush to get back to 'normal' that could be our downfall.

Take care out there, stay safe.


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