Monday, 22 June 2020

Day 96

Day 96...

The start of a working week, but for me Monday is no longer a working day, although the amount of stuff we seem to get done in a day it can feel busier than being at work.

Me and Molly had the weekly grocery shop to pick up this morning and this was the first time going out on a Monday morning for about 4 weeks and the difference in traffic was noticeable. And whilst it was no way as busy as a Monday morning was before 'lockdown' the amount had definitely increased.

Although our first obstacle of the day was navigating down the lane from our house, which is a single track lane, as there were 3 parked vehicles cutting back was a bit of a tight squeeze to say the least. But once out and about it was collect the shop, get back home, squeeze past the tree cutters again, navigate too many parked cars where our garage is, unload the shopping, wipe it all down, wash the veggies and fruit, throw out as much packaging as possible and put it all away - phew!

We managed to sort a few more of our Ebay sales out today which did involve a trip to the post office; which turned into way more of a stressful trip than it needed to be...a small shop, a queue and quite a few shoppers meant keeping socially distance felt like a games of Tetris!

After lunch we took a walk out over the fields, enjoying the sunshine and blue skies; we managed 3.3 miles in an hour and seventeen minutes. It was then home for a much needed coffee, sat on the patio soaking up some more vitamin D. Managed to get some more of Ted Naiman's book The P:E Diet read and am starting to learn about the exercise approach (my least favourite part!).

After half an hour or so of doing some jigsaw I was 'kicked' out the way so that Molly could use the space for her Monday evening kickboxing lesson via Zoom.

Simon has spent a chunk of the day getting the mouse droid he is building ready for movement; this involves using an RC car as the base. Slight problem is that the first car we bought simply wasn't powerful enough so a new one was ordered and it arrived this morning. Simon decided to test it before doing anything else with it which turned out to be a really good move as it had only moved back and forth across our kitchen floor a couple of times before white smoke started to emerge from it! A quick phone call to the seller and a new part is on it's way; fingers crossed it solves the issue. Simon has then spent the afternoon modifying the base of the droid to fit the wheelbase of the car!

And that has been day 96...waiting to see what the latest government proposals are tomorrow to move further in the easing of the lockdown...interesting times are ahead.

Take care

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