Sunday, 7 June 2020

Day 81

Day 81...

Well after a rubbish nights sleep it was a decidedly slow start to the day this morning. It was a good job that I had a grocery shop to collect as that was what got me moving!

So once breakfast was out the way me and Molly jumped in the car. A quick turnaround and we were home for the now usual routine of wipe everything down, remove as much packaging as possible, wash all the fresh produce and put it all away.

After a few household chores, and spotting a break in the clouds, we thought we would venture out for our usual daily walk. We struck out over the fields and despite a very grey sky we stayed dry and managed one of our now favourite walks of just over 3 miles in an hour and ten minutes.

Back home I decided I needed a little bit of chill time and what better way than to lose myself in my latest Disney jigsaw. The only downside was that Molly decided to watch some TV at the same time...13 Reasons Why (latest series). Now I don't know an awful lot about this series but I can tell you it's not very relaxing while trying to do a bit of jigsawing!

At 6pm it was time to jump online for what is now our weekly Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz via Zoom. I had set some more questions this week all to do with Walt Disney World...I thought I'd chosen some easier ones than last week but as I started reading them out I realised that they were still quite tricky! Oops! But we all had a good giggle and it was nice to see some new faces join us.

It has been a strange sort of day today, a day of lows and highs. A rough nights sleep did not help todays proceedings and I think Simon and I were both feeling the effects of reaching a weekend and not having 'stuff to do'. Our weekends prior to lockdown were a mix of taxi service for Molly, having coffee's out, weekends away, retail therapy or just taking time to chill but now when the options are limited it can be hard to 'find' something to do or even be motivated to do something. 

But we have to remember that that's okay, that however we choose to cope at the moment it's okay. There is a danger to look at the past 11 weeks or so and ask what has been achieved...have I learned to do something? Have I mastered a new skill? Have I completed a certain task? Have I got on top of all those jobs that I usually put off? It actually doesn't matter what you have or have not done...the biggest thing is to survive and survive knowing that having good days and bad days is absolutely okay. There will always be those out there that have re-decorated their home or re-modeled the garden or have completed an online course or crocheted the complete cast of The Simpsons but if all you have done is watched TV and shopped for food, or whatever it has been to get you through this then that's absolutely fine and no-one should criticise. You are you, you cope the best way that you can and that is okay.

Take care,

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