Friday, 19 June 2020

Day 93

Day 93...

So my second full day back in work but the last working day of the week.

So as we mark the end of the first week of being reopen I think things have gone pretty well. We are taking things steady and not expecting too much of us or the children. 

The children who have returned have all taken being back at pre-school in their stride. They know about the 'virus' and that we have to keep our hands clean and not to get too close to one another and they seem to be very accepting that that's just how things are.

As for my work I feel that I am pretty much where I want to be; I have sorted more funding paperwork from this year and got prepped for next year; I've updated diaries; I've got up straight with the banking and I've chatted back and forth on email with parents. So all in all a good work day.

And my team, as always, have been brilliant and rose to the challenge and got on with the job at hand; I trust they all have a glass of something ready to enjoy tonight - Cheers ladies xx

Once home my new routine sees me change all my clothes and jump in the shower, the only problem is that it leaves me feeling very relaxed and so when Simon suggested 'going down the gym' I decided to opt out and carry on with my jigsaw instead. Although I have also managed to answer a couple more work emails and sort out my online grocery shop!

And there is my day, done and dusted, today when apparently the UK has moved to alert level 3. This means that the virus is 'in general circulation' but that there can be a 'gradual relaxation of restrictions'. Which is a little confusing as the government have been having a 'relaxation of restrictions' for the last few weeks while still at level 4. Apparently the scientists set the 'alert levels' and then the government look at what the scientists have said and then decide what they will do in relation to left hand, right hand... Maybe it's just me but the scientists might know a little more than the politicians but all I know is that for the average lay person it's very confusing and misleading. I get the distinct impression that most people don't really know what they should or shouldn't be doing right now. And as I've said before on these posts the fact that I can't sit next to my bestie and have a coffee or that Molls and her fella can't get together but I can go shopping for shoes or professional football matches can happen all feels out of whack. But hey that's just me!

Whatever you are doing, please take care and stay safe,

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