Saturday, 27 June 2020

Day 101

Day 101...

I keep debating whether to rename these posts and drop the daily count because I am now back at work and therefore my personal 'lockdown' has sort of ended...but then again it hasn't because I am still faced with all the other restrictions that everyone else has. So I think while these times continue with life not being 'normal' I will carry on with the numbering.

After the blistering heat of the last few days it was definitely much cooler today and the morning was very grey and quite wet at times. Although that didn't stop us getting out for a walk later on in the day but we kept to just a couple of miles so that we weren't far from home should we need to make a dash for it...thankfully it stayed dry while we were out.

The first half of the day was catching up on some jobs around the house; the ironing pile was more like a mountain and I figured I really ought to make the effort to get it tackled while it was cooler. Simon had some work he wanted to get on top of so we both made the best of the morning. I also had to chase a certain courier company as they have failed to collect two packages over the last few days and typically all I could do was to raise 'tickets' with them and await their reply!

This afternoon has been a bit more chilled. Simon has spent more time tinkering with the electronics for his R2D2 and mouse droid builds, as well as little more 3D printing.

We had some time chilling outside with a coffee while the sun was shining and I had chance to peruse my latest cookery book purchase...
Beautiful for a short while before the clouds and rain blew in
Latest purchase

Mmm chocolate, coffee & walnut cake recipe
...this is a lovely book full of low carb recipes; tasty recipes that anyone who wants to lose weight or simply be much healthier should take a look at. I have been low carb/keto for 6 years now and wouldn't go back to my old habits. I lost weight, kept it off and most importantly love the food that I am able to eat, after all bacon, cheese, butter, cream, meat, green veggies, berries and dark chocolate what's not to love!

And by taking a little time to stop and enjoy a coffee we had to chance to chat and plan what we want to do over the next couple of days. It is very weird still at the moment as there is nothing that we can plan to do as such. I really don't feel ready to venture out to the shops if I can avoid it, I have no desire to visit 'insert name of beach/garden' if they are going to be rammed to the gills with people and there is nothing I need to shop for that I can't get online.

I know that some are planning trips away now that we have 'travel corridors' being brought in or simply booking for locations in this country but the pessimist in me says to just bide our time and make sure that we have reached a place where cases are in decline and we are not likely to be hit with another lockdown. The fear at the back of my mind is that as we start to open up we could be doing it all a bit too quick and cause more problems going forward. And if the packed beaches from this week are to be believed then who knows what we might see in a week or so's time.

I think for now I shall be like the tortoise and take things slow, steady and measured and see what happens!

Take care out there, stay safe,

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