Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Day 76

Day 76...

So back to work today and another day of more emails, more documents to send out to staff and updates to government documents to read.

I'm also trying to figure out how many children we can allow to return safely and how we can, or cannot, group them. The guidelines for early years basically state that we should stick to small groups of children that ideally are no more than 8 but if that doesn't work for our set-up then we can have 16 in a group! Not much difference there then!

As a small, charity run, pre-school we have a lot to consider for when we re-open; we don't have our own dedicated premises and simply rent the building we use during the day and we only have access to one large room and a small outdoor space so fitting the right number of children in the allocated space safely is definitely going to be a challenge.

We took a lovely walk out at lunchtime and my left ankle only twinged once as we completed a 1.8 mile walk in 40 minutes. This afternoon was a mixture of more work, time relaxing outside, soaking up some vitamin D while I did a little reading, and then me and Molly popped over to the farm opposite us to buy some eggs.

Then this evening we had some time down 'the gym' which involved Molly trying to teach me how to punch! She had a free standing punch bag delivered yesterday which she is loving; being a black belt in kickboxing she has really missed these past few weeks not being able to kick and punch something.

I have tried holding pads for her but she is so strong there was just no way that I could hold them and endure the speed and ferocity of her power. Now she has her very own punch bag and she is in her element and I think had great pleasure in seeing how uncoordinated I am!

And that was my day today, the news would appear to be as bleak as ever and I fear that we are getting too accustomed to it. We are still recording deaths in the hundreds and so I am still somewhat confused as to why we are easing a lockdown when we have death rates comparable to when we went into the lockdown. And when you hear reports that the government will be stopping their weekend updates because the 'viewing figures are low'...what?!! This is not some sort of popularity contest! This is about keeping in touch with the public and sharing honest and important updates!! I give up!

Oh well onto tomorrow we go.

Take care,

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