Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Day 84

Day 84...

So today was a step further back into work as I met up with some of my team to get ourselves organised for the re-opening of pre-school on Monday.

It was lovely to see the team and we tried our very best to keep to the two metre social distancing rules; although moving around a building to put things into place for our 'new style' pre-school did mean it was rather tricky at times.

We think we have everything in place and have thought of all sorts of different scenarios to keep everywhere as clean and as safe as possible. But we all recognise that until we are up and running next week we won't know for sure and there will be a lot of adjusting things as we go I am sure. But it definitely won't be pre-school as we knew it, the list of items we are not allowed to use is extensive and also comprises the majority of what we would normally do. But we will rise to the challenge and continue to provide the best care and education that we have always done because that is what we are good at and love to I have the best team ever!

It was nice to get home this afternoon to a warm house as the weather has not been the best today and having spent a good portion of the morning sat without any heating on I was feeling rather chilly. Once home I caught up on work emails, responding to questions and chasing for responses to emails sent earlier in the week. And then I took some time for me and got a little more of my current jigsaw completed.

We have been watching the current series of Queer Eye these last few nights (absolutely adore this show, I so want a make-over by them all!) and something that came out of last nights episode is something that I know I can be guilty of. That desire to be in control and look after everything and everyone and the one person I can forget about is me; so I am trying really hard to take some time even if that means just stopping to complete a jigsaw or read a book or anything as long as it doesn't involve sorting something for work, the house or the family. I miss my trips to the hairdressers as it was the only time every few weeks that I genuinely stopped and could not do anything else for an hour or so. So taking time to have a walk with Simon on a lunchtime, or to write this blog of an evening or putting a few pieces into a jigsaw have all been so important over these past few weeks.

And like we are all finding during this lockdown, or whatever we are now calling it, it is important to deal with this in whatever way you can and that means you do whatever it is that makes you happy. There is no right or wrong way to get through this, there is just your way. As long as you stay safe, stay healthy and just get through it you will be okay...and remember on those days when you don't know what to do, or where to turn or feel like crap that that is okay too. I hope that we can all come out the other side knowing, and appreciating, ourselves and those important to us better and perhaps have a different perspective on life and be prepared to appreciate all the small things so much more than we ever have before.

Take care, stay safe.

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