Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Day 90

Day 90...

As pre-school is now back open I had my first of two days working from home this week. And it was hit the ground running to get lots done; two newsletters, one new policy, invoices issued, text messages sent, spreadsheets updated, emails sent and responded to and online funding adjustments submitted - phew!

We still managed to nip out for our daily walk at lunchtime and managed a couple of miles in just 40 minutes. Later this afternoon as my work for the day was finished I was looking forward to some time sat out on the patio enjoying the sunshine but the weather seemed to have other ideas. No sooner than I had my coffee made the skies got darker, the thunder rumbled and then the rain came! So instead it was back inside to spend some time working on my latest jigsaw.

This evening after Simon finished work we went 'down the gym' for a little home workout. The decision to buy a few pieces of basic gym equipment has proven to be a great success and we have managed to get out at least twice each week of lockdown. 

And that was my day, a fairly straight forward and productive day. I am still concerned by the amount of people photographed very close together at shopping outlets and I just hope that we don't see a spike in cases in a couple of weeks time. One location has even had a petition to close because of the numbers of people that turned up; the report I read was criticising the management company for allowing too many people into the shopping outlet location. Customers commented that inside the shops everything was fine and social distancing was being adhered to but outside of the shops there was just no way that any sort of social distancing could be maintained. The shocking thing to me reading this report was that hardly anyone was wearing masks and that one of the quoted customers was a GP, who you think would know better! I know if I'd have turned up and seen that many people squished up to next to each other I would have done a quick about turn and headed home.

Like I said yesterday I am in no rush to get shopping and put myself and those around me at risk, I will survive for the time being with online shopping and look forward to when I can see my friends up close and personal and Molly and her fella can be reunited long before I venture shopping.

Take care, stay safe.

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