Thursday, 4 June 2020

Day 78

Day 78...

Well the day started with no hot water and a broken boiler! Thankfully a quick text to our plumber and a chap was on his way and problem sorted by lunchtime.

I then actually went into work! I spent just over 4 hours in work with my deputy manager so that we could sound out some ideas and forge a plan for the way forward working towards our intended opening day in just over a weeks time.

It was really nice to see her and to catch up as well as get some work completed. We had hoped to be sat outside in the sunshine but the British weather has gone from amazingly hot two days ago to grey, wet and cold and so we had to move indoors but with all doors open and sat at opposing ends of a table as we adhered to social distancing the best we could.

We now have a plan in place so once home I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon emailing around the rest of the staff to fill them in a little more about what will be happening and when. I am now set up for tomorrow and another day of emailing as I contact parents and confirm what will be happening when their children return. The pre-school will not be like it was before; we will have less children attending; less staff working; routines will change; more hand washing; more repeated cleaning; less activities laid out as well as some activities simply no longer allowed. We will be pre-school but it won't be the same pre-school that we were. It will take a little getting used to for both staff and children but hopefully we can all adjust to this new normal.

The benefit of being 'at work' has meant that I really haven't seen or heard as much news as I would normally and that is quite strange; part of me feels like I must be missing something while part of me feels calm and has space to think about something other than covid. But it sounds like the use of masks is now being introduced specifically for public transport which I think is a good thing. Yesterday was really the first time I had had to wear a face mask and although there was no direct instruction that I had to wear one I felt that it was the right thing to do. I was visiting a hospital where staff are now having to wear masks and visors all day long, every day and the very least I could do was to wear mine for 20 minutes and show them some respect. And this is what this is about, it's about us all just doing whatever we can, in whatever way that maybe to help towards controlling this horrid virus.

Stay safe out there,

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