Sunday, 28 June 2020

Day 102

Day 102...

So we decided that we would make the most of today and rather than have a lazy Sunday we would set to and get some jobs done.

Today's job was to make a start clearing out Simon's mum's house. His mum passed away at the end of last year but because of probate and then delays due to Coronavirus we had not been able, nor compelled, to get down there and start clearing out.

Thankfully his mum lived close by so after only a couple of hours we had managed to get down there, pull out a load of weeds and fill the 'brown' (garden refuse) bin. We were able to go through some of the more obvious and easier drawers to clear out which resulted in the recycling bin being filled before we then went through the wardrobes. We must have filled about 20 black bin bags full of clothes, handbags and shoes.

We decided to drop all the bags in at a local clothes bank with my first choice being the hospice in our village, but knowing that their collection bin can be rather full we decided to try a couple of other locations that were on our way home first. And while these locations had various clothes banks for different charities they were all overflowing with donations, so we headed to our local hospice expecting to see the same scenario there and began researching where else we could take the bags and when. But when we got to the hospice we were pleasantly surprised to find a pretty much empty donation bank and we were able to leave all of the bags there. All the clothes were in really good condition so hopefully they will be able to generate a little income for the hospice which I know will have been struggling these last few months.

The afternoon was then spent doing a little online research as we have some ornaments and memorabilia that we would like to dispose of so just needed to figure out what we have and the best way to deal with it. 

I was able to add to my grocery shop ahead of collection tomorrow as well as add to my local dairy delivery as this week we are having a treat of ice-cream; lots of lovely flavours to choose from and although I don't indulge I do let the 'kids' from time to time.

The afternoon was rounded off with what has now become our usual Sunday Disney quiz via Zoom as part of the Disney Dream Girls podcast that I co-host. This week Molly and I set twenty questions and I think we did a pretty good job mixing some tricky ones in with some relatively straight forward ones.

And that was our day, another in this strange new world. Another as we attempt to get things up and running in some shape or form. We have things that we had hoped to achieve this year and whilst not all of them are going to happen we can perhaps get back on track with some of them...small, tentative steps to start and let's see where this takes us.

Take care out there, stay safe,

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