Thursday, 11 June 2020

Day 85

Day 85...

After the glorious sunshine of May we seem to have entered a rather grey and rainy June. 

My day consisted of mainly more work related stuff; responding to and chasing a few emails, going over some health and safety checklists and updating safeguarding policies to reflect the current situation. I am hoping that I have got everything covered ready for re-opening on Monday and will try to take some 'time off' tomorrow!

By lunchtime the rain had stopped so Simon and I managed to get outside for our now usual daily walk; another couple of miles in just over 40 minutes. So far over the 85 days of 'lockdown' we have walked 145 miles in a total of 52 hours (thanks Strava app)!

I took a little time today to have a look at online production of t-shirts as this is something Molly is wanting to do as part of her Shutter Studios business venture. She is working really hard to come up with ideas on how to monetise her creative skills and I want to be able to do everything I can to support her. This is a fantastic opportunity for her to develop something that she enjoys doing for a living.

I did stop late afternoon and took a little time to work on my current jigsaw...
Thomas Kinkade - Snow White
...and as the jigsaw I ordered last night turned up this morning I thought I'd better get a move on...
Newest jigsaw - Jafar, Disney Villainous
The end of the day was a lovely catch-up with my fellow Disney Dream Girl, Michelle, as we recorded our podcast ready for releasing this Sunday.

So yesterday our government announced the ability to form 'social support bubbles' as from this weekend; where a household of one person can now mix directly with one other household. So this could mean that my dad can now come and visit us inside our own home or that we could visit him and sit inside rather than chat through the living room window that we have been doing. And while this is a much welcome relief to some people it still leaves a lot unable to reconnect with families. It means that people like my dad could have to choose between my household or my brothers household as he can only hook up with one. Situations where close families do not have any 'single' households still can't meet up. Young people who perhaps still live at home with their families can't go spend time with their boyfriends/girlfriends. It all still feels rather unfair.

I can go to work, mix with other adults while trying to keep to 2 metre social distancing over a 6 hour period, work with small children who do not know how to social distance yet I can't see my brother and his family, I can't go see Michelle and her family in person and Molly can't have her fella come to stay with us. Something just doesn't feel right about it all. I know where the people closest to me have been but knowing where people that I work with and more importantly the children that I will be looking after have been is impossible to know. So who am I more at risk with?

I understand the logic behind the guidelines but it doesn't make it any easier to live with; and especially when there are plenty of people out in society who appear not to be adhering to the rules set out. Just the other weekend while out driving me and Molly saw a group of six young lads, all out on their bikes, all around 15 years of age and very evidently not part of one household and not following social distancing. A colleague reported seeing another gathering of teenagers in a local park who were 'hanging out' as if everything was normal. If we need to follow the rules then we should ALL be following the rules and those that don't should be held to account.

I will say it again, I just hope the powers that be know what they are doing and that we are getting topside of this virus but I still fear that we are not and behavior like this will just push back further our chances of getting to a new normal.

Take care, stay safe

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