Saturday, 28 August 2021

Day 528

Day 528...

Well this Saturday has turned out to be very civilised and a little bit arty!

After a relaxed start to the day we were musing about what to do when Simon remembered about an art exhibition that we were both interested in and so that became our focus for the day.

We headed into Nottingham and headed over to the Surface Gallery which is a non-profit arts collective and their current exhibition is based on 'street art'. Not only was the gallery full of eclectic art based on the principles of street art but it also expanded into the alleyway behind the building with some awesome graffiti artwork.

 ...and the outdoor space...

Just astounding that something can be created on such a large 'canvas' with so much detail. We spent a little while chatting with the staff and discovered a little more about the collective, how they are run and what they are hoping to achieve now that they are able to get back to 'in-person' exhibits. We duly signed up to their mailing list keen to see what they will be doing in the future.

We then had a little poke around a couple of shops looking for some Disney finds but didn't come across anything that was my style which meant it was time for coffee. A couple of coffees later and having put the world to rights we headed home.

Back home and it was time to get some make-up on and decide what to wear ready for friends wedding reception this rather than sit here typing I better get going!

See you tomorrow.

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