Monday, 9 August 2021

Day 509

Day 509...

We were a little slow off the mark today and that, along with not feeling my best, meant we had another quiet day.

Not sure what was the matter with me today but I woke up with no motivation whatsoever and just a general overall feeling of 'meh'!

With no real plan and not sure what best to do we decided to go out for a walk around where we live. We decided to keep to mainly pavements as we weren't too sure how wet the fields would be as we had a fair bit of rain yesterday. As it was the ground was damp but otherwise not too bad for walking over. Still we ended up on one of our longer walks and managed 5.75 miles in an hour and 55 minutes.

During the lockdowns of the last year and a half we have made the most of the time and our local area to get out and about and get plenty of miles under our belts. Since things have gotten back to more like 'normal' we haven't had as many walks and have chosen to venture off into our local cities as a change to wandering around the countryside. So it was lovely today to go somewhere familiar but somewhere we had not been for a while; although it was noticeably quieter walking today than it had been at the height of our various lockdowns.

So with another quiet afternoon spent at home I managed to finish reading 'Fork in the Road' and Simon started on another piece of digital art. As Molly is home we are now back into the standard routine of getting her to and from karate and so tonight she was able to drive us over there. Her driving skills are really coming on, especially as it's been over a week since she last drove, such a shame she has to wait until October for her practical test!

And that was another, if quiet, Monday.

See you tomorrow.

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