Saturday, 14 August 2021

Day 514 - Steady Saturday

Day 514...

So another Saturday has rolled around and today has been a rather quiet one.

First job of the day was to get Molly to her Saturday morning guitar lesson and as is the norm she drove us there and back. Yet more driving practice for her and yet again her skills go from strength to strength.

We nipped for a coffee while she 'rocked out' and discovered that a Starbucks very close to where Molly's guitar school is had opened, so we thought we'd give it a try. On ordering I asked how long they'd been open to discover that today was their first day! The good thing is we will be able to walk here from Molly's guitar school in the future so this will prove to be very handy for us.

This afternoon has seen Simon create some more digital art. Molly has been busy with her various creations and spent an amount of time sanding and finishing off a few pieces; I think she is pretty close to working out what she wants to achieve and how.

Busy sanding away

Sneaky peek...
And I have been going through yet more photographs using the Photomyne app. I have managed to scan in a good proportion of 1991 and am now working through our first ever trip to Orlando in the same year. Although I have three albums of just Orlando to work my way through yet!!!

And with the afternoon gone it is time to make keto pizza and pour some wine.

See you tomorrow.

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