Thursday, 19 August 2021

Day 519...Keyboard Day

Day 519...

Well today has turned out to be a day primarily stuck at the keyboard. I was determined to get all the remaining policies for pre-school updated and so once up and about it was just me and the laptop.

I had a break mid-morning as we had another company visit to quote us for some artificial grass. We have two areas that we would like laid with maintenance free artificial turf but it's turning out to not be as cheap as we were expecting. Although both companies that have quoted so far are quoting pretty similar prices so at least we know that we are being quoted fairly. But I think we may wait until next year as we have other more important projects around the house that we would like done first.

And then it was time for lunch and another walk out for Simon and I and today we were armed with umbrella's as the minute we stepped out the door it started to rain. Thankfully the rain stayed away until we were just a few minutes from home, after completing another 2.5 miles in 46 minutes.

And while my afternoon was spent attached to the laptop Molly was spending her time in the garage with resin and a sander. She is beginning to make some beautiful creations and really sussing out the approach she needs to take to get her ideas taking shape...and of course she has incorporated a little Disney in there too!

But by the end of the day I have managed to get all the new policies and procedures completed - woohoo! Although I still have a handful more that I need to go through; the ones I completed today were policies provided to us through our membership of the Early Years Alliance but we have a few more that we have created ourselves over the years. So I now need to go through these and make sure they are still relevant and that they reflect our current practice. I was also able to chat with a couple of new parents over email and confirm start dates for their little ones. In an ideal world I'd like to think that the few bits of admin that I need to get done before we return in September could be completed tomorrow but I think that may be wishful thinking!

And with that Simon finished work and we headed down our 'gym' for some weights and battle ropes workout! And all that we have left to do today is settle down to watch this weeks RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6....the game within a game...finally, we hope! (If you watch you will know what I am talking about!)

See you tomorrow.

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