Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Day 517

Day 517...

Well after having a couple of weeks off work Simon was back to the grind today.

But working in education means that I am still officially on 'holiday'. This morning started with a couple of small jobs before I settled down to chat with my podcast buddy Michelle. We recorded an episode of our Disney Dream Girls podcast ready for this coming weekend as well as a bonus show for our Patreon supporters.

By the time we had finished Simon was almost at the end of his lunch break so we had a quick catch-up to see how our days were going. My afternoon was then spent doing some pre-school work...so much for being on 'holiday'! I'd been chatting yesterday with a new parent and so needed to get some information over to her today and I also wanted to get caught up on the banking and close the accounts for the academic year ending 31st July and get everything sorted for the new year ahead. I am still working my way through updating our policies and procedures in light of the new curriculum coming into effect in September and managed to get a few more completed today...but I've still got about 20 or so to work through!

And then it was time to go down the 'gym' for a bit of a workout. I'm hoping to try and bring in a few more weights to my workouts and am embracing the challenge of our new battle ropes!

But with dinner cooking and the wine poured I will sign off for tonight and see you tomorrow.

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