Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Day 503 - Chat, Chat and more Chat

Day 503...

Well today has turned out to be a rather talkative day.

My morning was spent chatting with my podcast co-host, Michelle; yes I know we saw each other yesterday but today was for official purposes as we set about recording the next episode of the Disney Dream Girls podcast. 

We recorded one show to be released this coming Sunday where we chatted about some Disney history as well as looked at some upcoming events. And then we recorded a show for our Patreon subscribers; we chatted about our plans for the summer and then played a guessing game about current ride wait times at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Let's just say I was doing the guessing and my guessing wasn't all that great! Although I did comment that the current wait times didn't seem to be too much different to a 'normal' summer which when you consider that the parks are supposedly operating on a reduced capacity puts into question just what that reduced capacity actually is?!

After a brief stop for lunch we then spent the remainder of the day catching up with an old friend who came to visit. We chatted, we drank coffee, Simon showed off his R2D2 and Star Wars prop builds, we drank some more coffee and carried on chatting and before we knew it the afternoon had disappeared. But it was great to catch up, reminisce and talk about our future plans.

And that was our day...Oh and because it was bin collection day today we had some freshly empty garden refuse bins so we spent a little while this evening filling them with all the branches and remains of tree from our garden that we could possibly squeeze in. Plus we added some of the drier pieces to our fire pit and set them burning! We still have some of the larger root pieces to get rid of which will involve a visit to our local recycling centre but otherwise we have been able to get rid of everything!

See you tomorrow.

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