Friday, 27 August 2021

Day 527

Day 527...

Well we have a Friday and I'm rather late writing this one today! Not because it's been an overly busy day just because it's fell that way.

This morning was taken up with a few work emails that needed replies as well as some personal ones that needed sorting. I then updated all the photos that I'd scanned in and downloaded to my laptop yesterday with information relating to the date, time and whereabouts.

It is proving to be an interesting exercise finding the information for these photos, especially as at the moment I am going through our very first visit to Walt Disney World. I am now thanking my past self for saving all the park maps and guidebooks so that I can make sure I have the correct information relating to each photo...well as correct as I can make it.

When we were getting ready for our first visit to Walt Disney World I bought a book called 'Birnbaum's Walt Disney World' and found it to be a fascinating source of information and opened me up to the stories behind the parks and the attractions. It has now become a tradition that each year we visit we buy the latest 'Birnbaum'. So when cataloging all these photos I turned to my copies of 'Birnbaum's' and that's when I remembered that I no longer possessed the 1991 copy; I remember loaning it to someone but never getting it back. But the park maps, the subsequent year's edition and a little googling have proved to be extremely helpful when tracking down the exact details relating to the when and where the photos were taken. But because I was missing the 1991 copy I decided to see if I could find a copy online. My first instinct was to look at Ebay and whilst there were copies for sale they were all in the US and consequently the shipping was almost as much as the book itself! Most copies were being sold for between £15 and £25 (plus shipping) so I decided to do a 'google' and lo and behold I was able to track down a copy in the UK for just over £5 and free shipping!

We had our usual walk out at lunchtime, managing 2.4 miles in 46 minutes. And then my afternoon was taken up with a couple of work emails and more scanning of photographs. I have now scanned in all of our 1991 trip to Orlando and have started with our 1992 trip; I think I have scanned and edited around 150 (or more) photos today. Of those I still have about 90 that have been edited and uploaded but still need the data for each one inputting which I think will be a job for another day.

Later on this afternoon I got chance to chat with my very good friend, and podcast co-host, Michelle, who had just gotten off the Disney Magic cruise ship after a four night 'staycation'. It sounds like she has had a fabulous time and has enjoyed being able to get a little touch of the Disney magic into her life.

Molly's fella Dan arrived for the weekend earlier on today and they ventured into Nottingham for a look around. Molly came home with a Primark bag which can only mean one thing in this house...Disney! She also found a vintage store that was selling old Walt Disney World t-shirts...mmm...I might just have to pay Nottingham a visit!

The time seemed to fly this afternoon so quite late on I nipped out to a local supermarket to buy a few bits that we were running short on before getting home to cook dinner. Simon has been working late this evening as he wanted to get the piece of work he has been doing today all finished so I guess it's time to refresh my glass of red and call it a day!

See you tomorrow.

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