Friday, 20 August 2021

Day 520

Day 520...

Friday rolled around once more and it turned out to be a busy day.

I had an appointment in Derby this morning so I used the opportunity to give Molly a little more driving experience by getting her to drive us in and out of the city centre; and yet again she managed it all really well.

We took the opportunity of being in Derby to do a little shopping which included nipping into the Disney store. All UK Disney stores are either closed or in the process of closing and this store is due to close on Monday so it seemed only right that we had a look round. Sadly this store had not long relocated into the main shopping centre and although the shelves were low on stock it was still one of the most varied selection of offerings I'd seen in a Disney store for a while. I couldn't resist picking this pin up... reminded me of a t-shirt I had bought on one of our first trips to Disneyland Paris many years ago that had the same three symbols, and that I wore to death! The sad thing is with all the UK stores closing, except London, this could very well be my last in-store Disney purchase ever!

Back home and it was time for a coffee and to settle down with the laptop to see just how much pre-school paperwork I could get completed by the end of the day. I had hopes that I could get everything done today so that the next couple of weeks could be pre-school free before we start back at the beginning of September. I did pretty well and although I have a few things left to do I am happy with what I achieved today and am confident that a few hours next week should see it all done.

We also had our front door completed today...finally! There had been some confusion over one of the panels and so we had been waiting for the correct panel to get fitted for a fair few weeks and had even waited in all last Friday for the job to get done but no-one had turned up. Thankfully someone did arrive today and not only did he fit the panel but he also sorted the teething problems that we'd been having with the french doors they'd installed. But all done now, all working great and looking good!

I also had a butchers delivery today and it was a rather large one; 5kg chicken, 5kg steak mince, 4.5kg bacon, 100 sausages, 10 burgers and some steaks. It must have taken about an hour to unpack it all, split it into meal sized portions and then put it all away in the freezer!

And there we have Friday, all done and a vodka and tonic is now in hand!

See you tomorrow.

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