Thursday, 26 August 2021

Day 526

Day 526...

Today has been another quiet day and I don't know if I handle quiet days very well...I am so used to having things to do that to be faced with a day where I can do what I want is very strange and difficult for me to accept.

So this morning I decided to 'do my nails' which for me translates as a file and clear polish! I edited some of the photos that I had scanned yesterday before downloading them to my laptop; although I still have to go and add all the date and time information onto them. Then it was time to go to the hairdressers, and it was just a cut today. My hairdresser gets married in a week or so's time and is taking all of September off so I had booked in today for a cut to keep me going until the beginning of October when it will be ready for a bit of a colour refresh.

I arrived home right in the middle of Simon's lunch break so we headed straight back out the door to have a quick walk, managing 1.9 miles in just 35 minutes.

My afternoon saw me bake some keto sesame bread which I haven't done for a long while. I know for some people adopting a keto way of eating can be difficult as giving up bread can be a big deal. For me it has never really bothered me...occasionally the smell of toast can be tempting and I always used to enjoy a fruited loaf or teacake but since going keto I have always been disappointed when allowing myself a 'treat' of these types of bread so now I simply don't bother. But every now and then I will bake this sesame bread as it's a nice treat with some cream cheese or pate or simply just butter.

The rest of my afternoon was spent cleaning...see I told you I don't handle not having anything to do very well! So out came the hoover and the wipes and I got a couple of rooms done, in between a couple of coffee's to keep me going.

When Simon finished work for the day it was time to head down our gym and throw a few weights and ropes about for a short while. And after the gym workout I carried on hoovering...I know I'm mad!

Well I will sign off for tonight and see you tomorrow.

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