Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Day 511 - Nottingham Castle

Day 511...

Today we headed off into Nottingham once more but today we had tickets to visit Nottingham Castle.

We arrived ahead of our timed ticket and so stopped for a coffee before heading on our way. As we approached the castle we spotted a small art gallery that had some really interesting pieces that looked like they were created out of resin. As Molly is currently experimenting with different mediums, including resin, we decided to pop in and have a look. 

The space is part of the Nottingham Society of Artists and the gallery is constantly changing providing an exhibition space for artists. The current exhibit is called 'Colour in Motion' by the artist Carole Ellis and we had the chance to chat with Carole and hear about her process and inspiration. She was a lovely lady, very passionate about her art and very much enjoying the chance to display (and sell) her current art collection. We want to take Molly to show her the collection as we feel it would give her the chance to chat with a fellow artist and perhaps pick up some ideas and inspiration herself...fingers crossed we might be able to do that tomorrow.

It was then our pre-booked time to visit the castle, or technically I think it is now a ducal palace! I must have learnt something today...but seriously it was a fascinating place to visit. The castle had been closed the last few years as it underwent a multi-million pound refurbishment, although it had been more than few years since we had last visited as I seem to remember the kids being on the small side!

In fact it was 2005 when we last visited, as I found these photos!!
But we had a lovely time wandering around the grounds and taking in the extensive views over Nottingham city...there's a good reason for building castles and the like upon high as the vantage point is astounding.

We then went inside the castle where there are a number of exhibits. Some are permanent ones which cover the history of Nottingham and specifically the castle, along with Nottingham lace as well as an extensive art gallery. There is also a space which will be used for changing exhibits but which is currently devoted to fashion designer, Paul Smith, who happens to be a  Nottingham local. It was a great exhibit to walk around as it told his story beautifully and uniquely and really impressed upon us not only his skill for fashion design but also the artistry involved. As we were unable to take photos inside the building here are a few more from the outside...

We spent a lovely couple of hours exploring and at just £13 each felt it was really good value for money and somewhere we would be happy to visit again. Before we headed for home we headed instead for a coffee and paid a visit to one of our preferred coffee shops where we were greeted once again with a smile and a chat from the barista who we have gotten to know.

The day was rounded out with taking Molly to and from her kickboxing lesson, with Molly driving us there to get a little more driving experience under her belt.

I will see you all tomorrow.

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