Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Day 525

Day 525...

Well it has been another quiet day today, with not very much to report.

My morning was mainly taken up with ironing and sorting out laundry - whoop! Lunchtime rolled around and so Simon and I took our usual 2.4 miles walk out in a slightly slower than normal 49 minutes.

This afternoon Molly took over part of the kitchen as she carried on with the sanding part of her latest creations.

Some of Molly's work in progress!

I had a couple of work emails to respond to as well as couple of my own personal ones. I sat outside with a coffee reading through some work information to get it fresh in my mind for starting back at the end of next week.

And off and on throughout the day I have been scanning more photos...still working my way through our 1991 trip to Orlando and our first time visiting Walt Disney World. I have been very thankful that I kept park maps and time schedules as I have been able to give each photo details as to date taken, where and what was happening.

But before I knew it it was time to get Molly over to her kickboxing class, and as is the norm now, Molly drove us over there to get her daily driving practice in. And that is pretty much today's I said really not very much to report at all.

See you tomorrow.

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