Thursday, 5 August 2021

Day 505 - Lazy Thursday

Day 505...

So today has been a rather lazy day and so there is not much to report about.

After getting up rather late we decided to get a few jobs done around the house this morning. Simon had to re-cast the prop order from yesterday as when he took it out the mould the cast was not great so he'd decided it was better, and easier, to just cast again. We also measured up a couple of areas in the garden that we were thinking would be good for some new fencing and in particular some composite fencing. Well, suffice to say, by the time we'd measured and then priced up using a certain DIY store we changed our mind!

After lunch we had a quick trip out to a local supermarket for a handful of items we were running low on and marvelled at the number of people who still feel inclined to wear a mask. It was quite noticeable that yesterday being in a busy city centre the attitude seemed to be different with a much greater number of people happy to show their smile as opposed to a small town today. 

The rest of the afternoon saw Simon creating some more digital art while I did a little sorting through some old documents. Amazingly I found some old certificates from my school days including a college certificate that had an accompanying letter that advised that the year I'd taken the exam the qualification board were reviewing their grading scheme and only awarding pass or fails but that ordinarily I would have received a distinction! I had no memory of this at all...mind you it was 34 years ago!!

We then hit the 'gym' (aka our garage) and while Simon lifted the heavy stuff I stuck to a few body-weight exercises and some light kettle bells. Next we helped Ethan have a bit of a clear out of his wardrobe, and managed to discover he had jeans he's never worn as well as get rid of some very worn out jeans and t-shirts! I think we may have a shopping trip ahead of us this weekend.

And with a dinner of steak and salad that was our lazy Thursday.

See you tomorrow.

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